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<i>Evangeline</i> <br> Paula K O'Brien (Album)

Paula K O'Brien (Album)

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Paula Kingston O’Brien is an Irish singer songwriter who mixes a natural flair for simple, evocative writing with a voice which dips and dives between a soulful sound and a modern country lilt.

Named after an old poem by Henry Wadsworth  Longfellow, “Evangeline” tells the story of a woman following her heart, which is what this album represents to Paula (the title track on the album tells the story of the poem).

Supported by some of west Cork’s  finest musicians, Paula’s voice soars through her songs with a definite country edge, telling stories of monsters under beds, a devil with a heart of gold, beauty, love and loss. The only cover in the album is a song written by Nick Harper called “The Kilty Stone “, and which is very close to her heart.

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